What can I do for you today Mistress?

You can start by sending both of your kink and coffee mistresses a gift certificate to starbucks so we can get more coffee!

Then you can go peruse our wishlist and send something next day shipping to our domiciles

You can head on over and make a hefty tribute and send us a beautiful message about how you adore and appreciate and worship the ground we walk on.

Then you can call and tell us how you would like to best serve us and entertain us on the phone — and do so on your knees awaiting further instruction after you have offered yourself up to us.

Is that not what you meant? Oh, you wanted us to tell you how to stroke your cock for us? That is a little self-serving isn’t it my dears?

The question: What can I do for you today Mistress goes hand in hand with ‘I’ll do anything for you mistress’…You already know what we want.

ARE you wanting special attention, are you wanting some humiliation assignment or some material to stroke your cocks too? Then give us a call and submit.

Often times ‘What can I do for you Mistress’ Is viewed as ‘what will you give me for free’ — Freebie seekers are welcome to fight over the scraps that experienced findoms and femdoms toss out there — you will have to seek those out on your own (you will never get some itemized list of what you can find where it’s like Easter and you have to hunt for the eggs.)

I know it gets tiresome when we bring up the fact that we charge for our services. We simply don’t believe in hiding our expectations — You know what you can do for us. You know what we want and beyond the monetary expectations, you know what we expect from you with regards to serving us and our femdom demands.

If you are not willing to do what is asked when you ask ” What can I do for you mistress” — then don’t ask. Rather, start the conversation with “I would like to serve you in this manner” and tell us what you are going to do for us.

How will YOU entertain us?

One more thing for this sip of kink and coffee, don’t say ‘Im horny’ — do you think either of us gives a rat’s ass that you are horny?! It is eye roll worthy and sometimes laughable.

Telling us you are horny is code for us to lock your cock in chastity and a long term tease and denial, and edging session with ZERO hopes of release. LOL Keep your horny-ness to yourselves.

Below is our adult podcast hosted by talkshoe. Enjoy another sip of Kink and Coffee as we discuss the question “What can I do for you today mistress”

Join your intelligent femdoms next time for another episode of kink and coffee as we dive into Sissy Preparedness: How you can be best prepared for your sissyfication session AND we discuss fighting the urge to purge.

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