Sissy Exposure

I LOVE sissy exposure. Exposing my sissies is something I’ve always taken great pride in.

It’s nothing to pop up a picture or two of you dressed in pretty pink panties or a sexy little teddy. Some are dressed to show off, others are dressed and ready for service – whatever your definition of SERIVICE may be. The point is, exposed sissies are always dressed in all of their sissy glory.

These posts take place on my own self hosted websites, or twitter. Sometimes it’s sprucing up a facebook page or spiffy up a linkedin profile. Even though craigslist has gone down hill – that is still an option that can be played around with.

Why do I expose my sissies?

I want them to experience the sissy spot light if even just for a moment. I want them to be out there in the open, in their true sissy form. In all their feminine glory. To me, it is almost like introducing someone to the world – it could be for the first time or it could be a reintroduction. I have several sissies that like to be exposed, and re-exposed. Time and time again. Hiding in plain sight.

It is absolutly a bit of a power play with the sissy doing what I have told her to do. But, there is also just the excitement I feel from telling your sissy story. You get to see it all. Right there, plastered on an number of sites. Brought into the spotlight and not likely to return to the darkness.

Why do THEY want to be exposed?

My pets enjoy sissy exposure because they enjoy the rush from it. Playing with fire of someone possibly finding out about their secret sissy ways. There are numerous reasons that someone wants to be exposed but it really does all come back to the excitement from it all. The rush.

How do I expose my Sissies?

There are obviously a number of ways but, first, something needs to be understood. First of all, I have nothing to lose.

What do you have to lose if you were really exposed?

This isn’t blackmail, this isn’t erotic black mail…this is sissy exposure. Sure I do engage in erotic black mail but that is for another time. Today the focus is simply on sissy exposure. Posting YOUR photos that you have asked to be posted. Telling YOUR story to the world wide web – spreading it to the four courners. Exposing YOU.

Some of the posted pictures include a face, or not. I’ve posted edited videos and created gifs. Some I’ve posted FROM their own twitter account via a twitter take over and some I’ve posted to my own twitter account.

Hell I’ve sent out links to these posts. Where? Who saw them? Hahaha well…I am exposing you and sharing your secrets. I’m not sharing ALL of my secret sauce.

Who will see my exposed sissies?

Anyone and everyone that happens to come across my site or twitter feed. Anyone that happens to be on any site in which Ive exposed said sissy.

Yes, I have had a handful of sissies who had someone they know (or two or three) ‘stumble upon’ the posts. Some were accepting, others told them to tone it down, some just kind of gave them a cold shoulder and didn’t discuss it further.

I’m not posting things somewhere on the dark web. I post things out in the open. A simple google search of your name could have you popping up on my page, or perhaps…perhaps your friends and colleagues aren’t quite as vanilla as you would think.

A couple of warnings about sissy exposure

Sometimes when you play with fire…you get burned. It’s part of the excitement of sissy exposure but it can absolutely bring about real world consequences.

When things are posted on the world wide web, it needs to be understood that in a moment, it can be taken and posted everywhere. When I expose sissies on sites that I have no control over (craigslist or other link and file dump sites, It’s understood that there is a chance those will never be deleted. Craigslist deletes things just as fast as they are put up, but you never REALLY know where those posts go or what happens to the photos.

When I post them to my twitter or my own websites – I only remove them with a very, very steep fee for my time but I would never promise that they handn’t been taken or spread other places. Once it is out there it is out there.

I do offer personalized sissy exposure but you also have a chance to submit your own story and photos to sissy diaries – Just no dick or sissy clit pics will ever be posted, and you have to have at least 250 words to have it posted. You can be slutty without being over the top trashy – you know what I mean. ? I have certain standards. You can find all the requirements on that page,

In fact, why not take a walk over there for a moment and read some of the sissy exposure stories I’ve posted:

Britanny the panty thief

Shawna Sissytoes

Becca the cum guzzling sissy slut

Sissy Diane

Paula Jones

Sissy Jessica my lipstick slut (who has also recently be dabbling in diaper wearing)

Sissy Tara

Sissy Tracy and so many others.

(oops guess that is a little extra exposure long after the stories have been posted. LOL The excitement can be never ending. )

I love walking with you on the wild side of sissy exposure. Let’s have some fun.

You have a story to tell my dear sissies. It’s time for you to take that next step of your sissy journey or just reaffirm your place in the world of sissification and feminization. Let’s expose you.

To submit a sissy diary entry, or find some fun exposure games that I have to offer, visit

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