Mind Manipulation and Games

On today’s kink and coffee,

We are going to sip to and dive into the topic of : Mind Fuckery

Mind fuckery seems like a deliciously deviant way to lure you into the ever- winding rabbit hole that is male submission and servitude – and it is.

Some subby pets that have it all twisted and wrong will come to me and say ‘do your think mistress. I want you to mind F*** me’ and that isn’t how it works. MY brand is not the “in your face obvious game where YOU hold the cards.”

I am the one holding the cards

Oh, no my dear, I am the one holding the cards and only I know what the hand will look like and how the game will be played. You are a puppet on strings and I am the puppet master.  

The only rules we play by are MY rules. You will obey and be a good pet. Your mind is my favorite play thing. 

In my realm the house rules are my rules.  The deeper we go the more twisted it becomes. And yet, it isn’t hypnosis either. Sure that can be a part of it. But, I am talking about the first time you and I connect. The first time you hear my voice say your name and the first time you declare your undying devotion to Mistress Lillith.

You find yourself weak in the knees, your pants building and your ‘member’ rock hard. But, its subtle – I begin to seep into your mind. Spreading out my fingers and molding it to a perfect place – suited for a mistress of mind fuckery such as myself.

All you have to do is be receptive to it. Ask for it. And be prepared to give yourself to me.

I should say that you should always trust your Mistress or play partner. You can trust that nothing is going to happen if you truly don’t want it to. Then again…I’ve never run into someone that ‘truly didn’t want to do’ what I expected them or wanted them to do.

Perhaps you have options or maybe it’s the illusion of options. I guess time will tell when it comes to that. *evil laugh* When you make the decision to open your mind to me…I will go in and do the rest. It becomes my playground as I take you deeper and deeper into that submissive head space – that deep subspace. Where ideas are altered and thoughts are placed.

When you are being mind fucked by an experienced manipulatrix, you can feel high as a kite and yet shackled to the ground. Floating on cloud 9 and going through Dante’s Inferno – more like Mistress Lillith’s inferno, maybe your inferno. Your own personal heaven and hell.

I will have you wrapped around my perfect finger, and keep you under my thumb.

You become quite the contortionist. You will trust me, you will obey me, and you will continue down this path of mind fuckery and mental head games.

I’d say only the strong will survive, but, ALL of you submissive pets are weaker than me. I will break you down and build you up the way I see fit.

It all starts with a game or two. Dip a toe into the world of male submission and let me dip my fingers into your mind. Sit back and enjoy the ride down the rabbit hole – where I will take control of your mind, body, cock, all of the above.

Your mind is one of my favorite play places.

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