You may contact each of us using our toll-free numbers, clicking on our niteflirt buttons or leaving a comment below (or on any of our posts/pages).

We make expectations of our callers very clear – so those 3 options of contact are the only ones. If you have question you’d like to see answered in an upcoming episode you can leave a comment on any of our posts or pages.

Phone Sex Therapist Kiera 888-840-4526

kieraofficeCall Your Phone Sex Therapist for phone sex on

Calls with Dr. Kiera are 2.75 per minute with a 20-minute minimum. Billed discreetly to your credit card when calling the toll-free number.

Mistress Lillith 855-545-5484

 Call Mistress Lillith for phone sex on Niteflirt.coml5

All calls are 2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. Billed discreetly to your credit card when calling the toll-free number. (Other Session options are available at my main site




Duo-Domme Sessions

Arrangments can be made to session with the both of us together. An appointment must be made and a deposit paid for the session for it to happen. Unfortunately, due to some subs not showing up in the past, we have implemented this rule–there are no exceptions for first time clients. After 4-5 successful sessions we MAY, (at our discretion) wave the deposit, but an appointment is still required.

There is a 30 minute minimum at our respective rates for duo-domme sessions. (Our time isn’t worth LESS because we session together, It’s in fact worth MORE since you have TWO elite dommes…so be thankful there isn’t a higher rate)

You can make an appointment by touching base with us via niteflirt or leaving a comment below. if you use our toll-free number be prepared to submit your deposit right away as it is not a free-chat line and CC information is taken up front.

Niteflirt Billing

When using the NF number please check their current user agreement for how it will bill on your statement.

Credit Card Billing

When calling the 800 number you must have your CC information available for processing or risk being disconnected and blocked from further contact. The toll-free number is not a free, chit-chat line. For questions that can’t be answered from our personal website and don’t pertain to an immediate session following the question please post in the comment section or use the other means to contact us, where available.