What a better way to start your day than with some kink and coffee?
Your favorite domme duo is back with a new weekly podcast that will get the blood pumping and those little dicks twitching.

We are a changing up our podcast a bit. Kink Therapy was our previous podcast and we did weekly segments of an hour or longer. You naughty boys don’t need an hour to get in a lesson for the day. So while you kick back on a coffee break or are enjoying lunch, you can spare a few moments of time to listen to the weekly lesson.

Each week we share our commentary on a question or two regarding kinks and fetishes that fall under the BDSM, Femdom lifestyle. Expect to get a lesson of 2-5 minutes…that means you could certainly get in a listen while you are in a meeting, or waiting to pick up your wife from an outing with friends (aka her secret rendezvous with a lover)

Feel free to ask a question that pertains to your fetish lifestyle, just beginning or just feeding the addiction, feel free to ask about us also. Perhaps you’ll hear it in an upcoming episode.

Do you like your coffee black like bbc? Or with a little cream for CEI lovers? Regardless, kick back and enjoy some kink and coffee with Dr. Kiera and Mistress Lillith.

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