More on Exposure and some of the behind the scenes with exposure stories and posts.

Time for another little discussion on exposure. I love exposure. I don’t hide that. Any kind of research oon me would quickly having you realizing that I am over heel in love with exposing my attention whores, sissies, and humiliation addicts.

On you have a unique opportunity to have your own hand in some of your sissy exposure. You just follow the rules and submit – rules such as having to submit 250 words at minimum for your story to be posted (250 yeses don’t count, don’t be that piece of shit. It won’t get posted and you’ll be written off as a worthless) I have standards, expectations and a decent understanding of SEO.

You can include a picture but no dick picks.

You are a sissy, sending me a dick pick is akin to sending a message of 250 yeses. Be smarter.

While my site is for adults and 18+ only, I still have a certain level of class. And this is the free option – you get one photo to submit, make it a good one. If you want more than one, obviously I have other premium options. I edit as necessary and will post when I can. But that is the gist of it. You aren’t entitled to any extra attention beyond that, nor do I guarantee when it will go up or how long it will remain on the front page.

Same goes for any of my free exposure postings.

With that said – I’ve talked to you about why sissies and others like exposure in a previous episode, now we are going to take a tiny dip into the back work of exposure.

Those being exposed always want to know how many people can possibly see their photos, how is reading, who can see it?

It’s the internet, this isn’t coded on some secret dark web set up. ANYONE can see it. The more interesting a sissy is will directly link to how many people read their story. Sissies gossip and giggle and pass along stories and news like bitches in a locker room. Anyone that appreciates a good humiliation story will pass it along to others that like to laugh and pass it along. It’s as good as gossip.

Speaking for myself after a couple week’s time a couple thousand have read and seen your exposure post.

There is one that has been throwing a fit because I won’t post him and his cock sucking photos on my site.  

Couple of things Exposure posts are always paid for in some way shape or form. Yes, there is a free option but his story wouldn’t pass to be posted, nor would the pictures. The other way to get posted is to BE INTERESTING.

Be unique or having something fun, or complete a humiliation task that I have given you.

Honestly, he wasn’t interesting. No one is going to care about his photos nor his story. LOL

I know a thing or two about SEO and placement of sites. When I post you can usually find my site within the first two pages based on their tags and such.

If you ever think that you are so interesting that you can type JUST your name in a search engine and see that you are sissy in big bold letters you are sooo deep in denial.

What IS your name? Is it unique? Probably not. A NAME search is going to yield linkedin, family ancestry, or links to info of business people or others of notoriety. YOU are not likely to be on the front page. Type in your name PLUS a city, state? Better options … but you will still have linkedin, family ancestry, probably face book, many twitters

There is such thing as pay for placement ads on search engines – so while SEO is important for placement, if you pay for an extra edge or have a larger website those will take precedence in placement. It’s a thing.

I love the arrogance of some attention whores that think they are so interesting that everyone will stumble on their story and want to share it.

Is anyone in your immediate circle really looking you up? Is anyone you bump into on the subway really that interested in you? Do any of your coworkers even really give a shit?

If they are googling you, odds are they have some vendetta against you. Sure, some employers will look you up but how far are they going to dig unless you are doing important work or in need of a security clearance? Are you that important? Are you that interesting?

To get it out there you must cast a wider net to yield better results. Twitter is almost always up there when searching. If you turn your twitter off and on over and over, you won’t likely get the reach you want.


Just your name is never going to be interesting enough for google to find the juicy stuff. Your name plus cock sucker or your name plus sissy, or your name plus stroking slut – could and would likely yield better options.

I’m sure you are rolling your eyes thinking why the hell would anyone type in THOSE words. Well…why the hell are they looking you up in the first place?

A single post on a website is just the start. You need a twitter and link to that; you need to play with fire a bit and write your own name on a bathroom wall along with your naughty words. Put a post it note don’t deface property. In the postit note, tell them to google your name plus the extra adjective that describes you.

Place the post-it notes around. Just a quick little idea to drum up some interest on YOU. A quick little way to get your exposure post seen.

What also matters is when it has been posted. Newer posts with new pictures (not the same old ones you are just shuffling from one exposure site to the next new pictures) will yield higher placement. There are a multitude of factors going in here.

The more that you are being looked up, the more likely that you’ll be seen.  Kind of a “Duh” thing.

You WANT to be exposed.

Fantastic…lets also make you interesting enough for OTHERS to want to look you up. Those that love exposure have no problem finding me or finding out how I expose them. Now, let’s find a way to get others to want to look for your exposure.

Be interesting and be ready for the spotlight.

If you are looking for some of the exposure options I have view them on Niteflirt:

Mistress Lillith’s Exposure Packages


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