About your Femdoms

Your deviantly dominate duo is back for you to listen to our sweet musings as we discuss fetish and kink, answer questions we receive in email daily and all while you enjoy a coffee break. It will prepare you for cocktail hour, when we expect you to call in and serve.

kieraofficeDr. Kiera ~ 888-840-4526

Dr .Kiera is your phone sex therapist if not THE phone sex therapist. Clients often go to her for help with their financial addictions and forced intox obsessions. She knows that phone sex therapy is the only way to combat said addiction and knows it is the only way to express your secret erotic desires. She knows how to get into your mind and under your skin. At the end of the day, your only addiction is to Dr. Kiera.
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l5Mistress Lillith ~ 855-545-5484

Mistress Lillith is a femdom fetishist. She likes to indulge in a variety of kinks, fetishes and lifestyles that fall under the femdom spectrum. She has the skill set to work with the ‘new to the lifestyle’ type subs to the ‘very experienced’ type subs.  As long as you know your place and are willing to bend to her will and her idea of what you should be, (and recognize that her time is valuable) you could be a perfect sub.
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Our History Together

Those that have been brave and subservient enough to serve us together, know of our elite duo dynamic. Even if an experience with the both of us is too intense we make match that intensity separately by using you as a ping pong, as a puppet as we bat you back and forth. We bring our unique personalities and ways of domination and training to the table – and you are left as a vessel of your former self as we transform you into the sub you should be…one worthy of serving us.

We don’t accept all subs. A message about ‘wanting to serve us’ means nothing. You must prove your place to earn a spot in our stable of worthy submissive. WE decide if you get to refer to us as your Mistresses. We decide if you are worthy enough to serve or be a client of ours. Trust us dear, it is not us that needs you…it is you that needs us. We expect you to have some wits about you, and do your homework about how to serve your kinkstresses best. We won’t hold your hand. You hold our feet – if we approve.

We make no apology of how we run our stables. The only ones that have ever complained, are the ones that were rejected or ejected from them. Sometimes we speak on topics that are considered industry …and well, fire is for playing with – the edge is for walking on – rules were meant to be broken. Limits imposed by us one day, are simply goals to reach and can be changed the next. It’s what keeps our subs and clients for coming back for more. The rabbit hole you’ll find yourself in when serving us…is ever twisting and winding and never ending.

We have dominated the minds, hearts, souls and cocks of men for a handful of years. You can stop looking for a pair of intelligent femdoms to serve. You have found the deviantly elite dominant duo.