I will do ANYTHING Mistress

While you may be a submissive fetishist that dabbles in different areas that fall under the dominant female / submissive male lifestyle ANYTHING isn’t really a fetish.

When you tell a Mistress that you will do anything you are giving her nothing that makes you seem even remotely interested. On the contrary, you are giving your mistress a blanketed statement that lets us know that you don’t really know what you want and that you are probably not really into the fantasy or lifestyle of female domination.

Even if you are a new to the lifestyle, new to kink person — there was SOMETHING that drew you to it there was SOMETHING that made that cock twitch and that eye brow raise. Something caused a light bulb to go off.

Intelligent Femdoms don’t like blanketed, catch-all statements. With our experience and our level of creativity — anything really could be ANYTHING — chances are if you say “I will do ANYTHING Mistress’ We will come back with the most extreme thing we can think of and if you don’t do it you will simply be another notch in the belt and soon be forgotten after the phone has been disconnected.


we could expect you to lube up an eggplant and put it in your ass until you are milked.

We could expect you to take a tens unit and apply it to the most sensitive areas of your cock and balls and turn it up to the highest speed

We could expect you to go and tribute an immediate $500 for giving us a blanketed statement — we are a couple of entitled bitches, so why not.

We could expect you to hop on cam on chaturbate so that you can humiliate yourself to the public.

Just a couple of options that we could give and while there may be some that are excited by the above, those are few and far between. If you don’t complete the first assignment after saying ‘I’ll do anything mistress’ You aren’t entitled to ask ‘What else’ —

We prefer our submissives be cerebral beings that can put two coherent thoughts together.

Communication is key to a successful femdom relationship. You will hear us refer to communication quite a bit.

You have an idea of what you are looking for, don’t make us fish for it.

We are mind fuckers, not mind readers.

Will you REALLY do anything for us? Probably not…so when prompted open up the dialogue of a place to start, only time will tell if you truly are an ANYTHING fetishist.

Enjoy our latest adult erotic podcast on talkshoe as we dive into the submissives who CLAIM they will do ANYTHING. Want to know how your phone sex therapist and femdom fetishist really feel about those types?

Then join us next time for the next question often asked of us: What can I do for you today mistress? We will let you know exactly what you can do for us.

See you next time little deviants!

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